Innovative ideas. Traditional values.

Our Company

Similar to our ever expanding portfolio of fine wines from varied origin and terroir around the world, our company is a collection of skilled and motivated individuals. From Wall Street to the Cape of Good Hope we draw from extensive experience in the fields of finance, law, international trade, retail, hospitality, branding, marketing, sales and winemaking.

Bound by our belief that through Innovative Ideas and Traditional Values we succeed by attracting similar products and people alike. Through innovation we find better ways of doing something, this we accomplish by original and effective processes and services. Tradition on the other hand is our beliefs in excellence and being authentic, with significance and origins in the past. We always look for these elements in each of our products, suppliers and distribution partners.

Master Brands was established in the small town of Washington Connecticut during 2011 by Hendrik van der Merwe, having just arrived from Cape Town with his family, following almost two decades in the international wine arena. Today, it also trades as The Wine Trust as purveyors of impeccably aged wines from leading Estates and origins.

As a Californian Vintner, we hand-pick quality wines, create special blends and bottle wines under our own brands in the Napa. As Importer, we ensure that each wine has a perfect provenance. As Distributor, we aim to create a network that will reach to every corner of this great nation. In select states, sales and distribution will be fully under our control, while in other states we will establish distribution or broker partnerships.

Everyday our dedicated team strive to share the stories of proud producers and their wonderful wines.